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Sahel emergency

Rising armed conflict, deteriorating security, widespread poverty and the impact of climate change are posing a real threat to countries in the Central Sahel. Attacks on civilians and infrastructure and conflict between the state and non-state armed groups have led to massive population displacement across Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. 

All forcibly displaced people need urgent life-saving assistance. Most of them are hosted by communities who are often deprived and extremely vulnerable themselves. Food needs are inexorably on the rise at a time when humanitarian access is becoming increasingly challenging.

Growing insecurity is threatening gains made in various sectors including food security and nutrition, disrupting food and trade flows. Having barely recovered from the acute food crisis that hit the Sahel in 2018, many vulnerable families are now affected by violence.

Prompt humanitarian action is now essential to save lives.  Addressing the growing humanitarian needs while at the same time safeguarding the progress made in recent years in building communities’ resilience represents a tremendous challenge.