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Everything with corporations and nothing outside of corporations.
The Arab-African Solidarity League aims to promote a culture of peace through the continuous search for human development.
In this perspective, the NGO LUSAA pleads for a participatory and inclusive approach in all work aimed at the sustainable development of communities and peoples.

The NGO LUSAA pursues short, medium and long term objectives.

1- Create and maintain cooperative relationships with associations and non-governmental organizations pursuing the same ideals both at national and international level;

2- Cultivate and mobilize the spirit of benevolence of the rich in favor of the less fortunate;

3- Promote economic and cultural mixing between peoples;

4- Contribute to the fight against poverty, disasters and other natural disasters;

5- Contribute to the promotion of sustainable human development;

6- Contribute to the fight against endemic diseases, in particular STIs – HIV / AIDS as well as traditional risky practices;

7- Contribute to the promotion of agro-sylvo-pastoral development;

8- Participate in the education of the Nigerien populations by contributing to the construction of schools for all primary, secondary and higher levels as well as the literacy of young people and women.

9- Contribute to the promotion of peace and non-violent conflict management.

1- Contribute to increasing the capacity of rural people to take charge of the process of their own development;

2- Contribute to the development and promotion of actions aimed at the emancipation and integration of women, the protection and development of children and the enhancement of the “youth” potential;

3- Contribute to improving the rate of drinking water coverage for rural populations by sinking modern wells;

4- Contribute to the fight against food insecurity and the promotion of community resilience.

1- Work for the resolution of conflicts with a view to a comprehensive peace taking into account the family, communities and peoples;

2- Contribute to improving the living conditions of the Nigerien population.